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Gotta letter from Loretta Lynn about us covering "You Aint Woman Enough!" Gettin it framed :)

Gotta letter from Loretta Lynn about us covering "You Aint Woman Enough!" Gettin it framed :)
Posted by Hayley

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surely you're happy :)
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Wow! That's AWESOME!!
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that's great!!! i love that song... i mean, the cover. LOL
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I'd frame your letter if i got one
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thats so sweet(:
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dream come true much
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she spelled your name wrong! :O but the cover was so amazing!
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Hayley thats amazing. I have your cover on my ipod, you look so cute in it :L
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your covers are amazing, you deserve this;)
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Please Email Me At And My Life Will Be 100000000x Better, Hayely :D Thanks.
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I love their cover of YOU AIN'T WOMAN ENOUGH! MY favorite part is when Hayley sings you can bla over my dead body blah don't know the rest of the words i don't even think i know the dead body thing all i know is that she said over my dead body!
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How nice of her to write to you. You should totally record it with her! :)
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saw her sing the cover in nashville. nbd. :) it was awesome and you definitely need to record it with her!
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loretta was my nans name (: may she R.I.P
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@ Juani, they already coverd it stupid! that's why loretta sent them a letter!
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you guys should do it!! it'll be awesome... can't wait for it!
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o that would be so cool if hayley sang with loretta
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gahhh hayley!!! you have to record it!! do it!!! ~ she basically tells hayley she wants to thank her for singing the song. her daughter showed her the clip of the performance she and josh did, and now she wants hayley to sing the song on lorettas new record!
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haha i told my mom who knows more about loretta lynn than i do... and she was like " Oh! thats an honor!" haha go hayley!
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haha yes pauline :) cursive ftw :D
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can enyone read this??
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wow that so awesome!!!!!!! (am i the only one that tries to read what it says??)
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wow thats pretty cool :) congrats, it was an awesome cover :)
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awesome!! i think ur version is amazing! actually i have the live video on mi iPod nano!! is just great!
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That was amazing!! just listened to it, Hayley YOU ARE THE BEST!!
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so cool!