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with the guys from You Me At Six

with the guys from You Me At Six
Posted by Paramore


YouOnlyLiveTwice's picture

OMG. This is so PERFECT.
Shauna Bauna's picture

Taylor's face makes me giggle every time:D
ParamoreEmily3's picture

Nice :)
Erica Maia's picture

Nice , Cool !
AliceXavier's picture

legal esse foto =)
HeridaCristina's picture

it´s a funny picture.
Born to die's picture

Fabio Henrique Rodnelly's picture

Loco hein :d
Kenneth Matarrita's picture

excellent picture..!!
berrio47's picture

Haha! Cool Guys:)
Angie_Rawk_Indonesia's picture

Love this pic ♥
r3negade's picture

Epic <3
ssolcis's picture

Hahaha taylor! Guys I love you ♥
Lyubanechka Petrova's picture

Love you, guys! :) you all soooo cool!
HaiLee Sixx's picture

ahaaa TAYLOR !
marcokidd16's picture

Is that Custom House Square?
alexxmeatsix_'s picture

<p>two best bands ever on one pic &lt;3</p>
Sarai Franco's picture

jeremy lol that face
GenKerr's picture

Aha Taylor XP Love you cutiess <3
Intan Sandra Novita's picture

tayloooooooorrrrr,,,, XD
kyla92's picture

Have this on my wall. Was taken before Belsonic in Belfast best night of my life so far!
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wow..perfect!! Paramore..please come to Philippines..again.. you promised that to us.. we love you here sooo much!!!<3
LiHW's picture

hahahah , Taylor's face , HAHA I'm love it <3 Miss they /D
Dovid's picture

Nice Y'All
slimbrownman's picture

suppppper coool!!xD
paramoreRocks 33's picture

Great picture guys... Taylor, why are you so mad???
DaveTheDrummer's picture

Why is he wasting good beer?? :P
tuta's picture

niceeeeee x)
Forever_rose16's picture

( :