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Immediately after a real heavy duty sweaty good workout...

Immediately after a real heavy duty sweaty good workout...
Posted by Hayley

I find it's best to make cupcakes to share with your bandmates and also to eat some yourself...

- h



Erica Maia's picture

You can make a "cupcake" for me?
Skylarwolf's picture

dont relly like cupcakes :( but i like to shove them into peoples face with iceing on their birthday XD
yeahyelow's picture

your so perfect hayley i love you :*<333333
shaddaloso's picture

if you like we can have some cupcake party?! :D
lostinthisfuckedupworld's picture

Well, if Paramore stops existing you could always be a house Mom hahaha. Nah just kidding, please continue making music. i hope they tasted good :)
victoraular31's picture

yummy my future wife Hayley Aular
ShielaQueyquep's picture

yummy. <3
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Fabio Henrique Rodnelly's picture

Paramore sempre <3,
Fabio Henrique Rodnelly's picture

Abieb Noah's picture

can i have a little bit..haha..just asking.. :D
MisguidedGuru ▌▌▌'s picture

Damn! the bestest thing in the world....cupcakes are too i guess ha!
BobK_4's picture

After hockey practice or any workout I do I make myself and sometimes my family my fried rice
hjdrkg's picture

Cooking for me, yes or clear hahaha
LauraRodrigues's picture

Okay here we go, I fucking love you, you are my favorite band type, I'm Brazilian, sorry my english horrible, when are you coming back here? I cried a lot on the 16th of February last year because I could not go on the show, now I'm going next, even if I have to sell my stuff or make up a lot of people even earning little, I go along just to see you my lovely Hayley , Jeremy my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and wonderful Taylor, I love you very much.
steviebear91's picture

Yum yum :D
PacknHack2's picture

Nupur Kumar's picture

Hey Paramore..You've got fans in India too !!! Please Tour here..Dying To see You all !!! :)
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Ismael Lopez's picture

nice legging pants that look yum
justin virgilio kase's picture

nice style....foooooood....what a waste of tallent,dont´t know WHAT-SO
aika_fromphilippines's picture

youre getting thin hayley.......
maniii111's picture

oh...I want cupcakes now... btw, your hair looks usual.
MisterFister's picture

Ok I just wanna clarify something, when we're married you can do the CupCakes BUT I'LL DO THE SPONGECAKE! Hands off my SpongCake (I'm the undisputed champion of the world when it comes to SpongeCakes... and popcorn of course). /Cheers n keep on ROCKING
camilo..'s picture

I think I got hungry
dreaminhayley's picture

OMG What a beautifull girl!!! I wish she would scoop up a taste with her finger and pop it in my mouth... Super photography "lil bit of gapit showing" hehe
paracookies's picture

num num num num num num num.
preston's picture

You don't even know what a heavy duty workout means
buket98's picture

Cupcakes? hmmm i'm hungry right now, i wanna eat your cupcakes!!:D:D