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It is a Circus back here…

It is a Circus back here…
Posted by Paramore

#WaitingForTheShowInMalaysiaToStart #ParamoreWorkOut #FruitCanBeFunToo


brenahi's picture

jajajaaaj you're crazy♥
SunshineMonster_767's picture

Awesome!!! *-*
WynnaPalarca's picture

Diana Paola Chaparro's picture

HAHAHAHAHA Hayley D: . Jeremy is normal, Hayley is stronger jaja.
SmileyEye's picture

looks like fun! ^_^
Daai's picture

hahhahaha guys crazy guys!! jajaja i love you , i love this silly thing you do.. Came to Argetinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Fer Farias's picture

COME TO ECUADOR PLEASE!! Ecuador wants Paramore
JulettUruguay's picture

Hi! I´m new here! lol! where those pillows?
cuyi's picture

Lol!! you are really normal we love u <3
LauraParamore14's picture

Can i join!!?? Haha
Lety.♥'s picture

Hahahahahahhahah :D♥
TarekSuarez's picture

Crazy Hayley ♥
nikole mackliff's picture

hahahahhahahahaha You are so crazyy I love You :* <3
Erica Maia's picture

hahhahaha , I LOVED !
Bartman2001's picture

These kids know how to have fun...
cuyi's picture

LOL you are cute <3
Emmi McDonnell's picture

lol looks like fun hope u like fruit looks like there's a lot there
cyncyy's picture

i see a huge can of redbull or something lol...
QLzy_Riot's picture

Taylor is in my house ! hahahahahhhh xD
Kurniawan Andre's picture

maybe Taylor who took the photos??
Bam&#039;nhanha's picture

haahahah cool :)
Zahra Arandela's picture

where is taylor? ahahahah
XioalexisMujica's picture

Skill Hahahaha they have it
XioalexisMujica's picture

Skill Hahahaha they have it
XioalexisMujica's picture

Skill Hahahaha they have it
DeadlyPenguin's picture

Nena94's picture

Can't wait for you to come to the Netherlands. You guys are awesome <3
QLzy_Riot's picture

Indonesia very miss all of you guys
eve_paramore's picture

come back to ARGENTINA!! please please :D we miss