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Juice cleanse has begun.

Juice cleanse has begun.
Posted by Hayley

Juice cleanse has begun. Gotta get this bod in check before R+L fest!


isα's picture

I have been wanting to try that forever! It's suppose to be really good for you but it cost like $100 per day!
Lady_Paramore's picture

Celya Ayu's picture

for drinking?
Bridget8's picture

The hell is that?
Alan________Jaf's picture

What is in it and what does it taste like...???
ThisCellophaneLife's picture

hope it works :D
Cute_Doll's picture

Gosh, it doesn't looks good >.<
para-i-want-more's picture

good luck to you hayley, I hope that tastes better than it looks
Vanessa Curbelo's picture

Ohh hell,this color it's kinda disgusting but if you like... ;)
smileyface42's picture

Uck whats with the colour if i was you i wouldn't touch that stuff :P
Thomas's picture

Yeah Leeds ! Maybe Reading but Leeds it's sure ! First time for me and I feel like virgin haha ;) I expect it for 7 years <3
paramoreloveeex's picture

The color is kind of.. off putting.. but if you enjoy it then fine :)
DeadlyPenguin's picture

You don't need that Hayley. If anything, i would need it.
Louie Jay's picture

Is there anyway we can meet you guys at R+L? :D I'd love to see you there :) so excited for it haha, from England!
byrnegarcia's picture

YOUR ALREADY HOT! No need to drink this stuff Haley.
HopesUpHigh's picture it good? haha
Danielle Prr's picture

That looks...weird i think JAJAJAJ
allweknowisbecca's picture

G.a.b.i's picture

want some!
AllWeKnowIsSoph's picture

YEAH LADY, GONNA BE SEEING ME THERE! WOOOOOOOOOOO ps - you're already super super flawless, you don't need dat!!