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The last thing you want to see when you walk in your hotel room...thanks paramore fan club CHILE

The last thing you want to see when you walk in your hotel room...thanks paramore fan club CHILE
Posted by Jeremy

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Me and my brother and sisters saw someone dressed up as him, we were all hiding behind my dad :p
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wanna play a game hayley ? lets begin with stomach rawrr :D
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I wish it was mine you ara cool jeremy
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Thats creepy.... ._.
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haha id wet myself if i ever saw that. i have a fear of dolls FWI
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hahaha i love that toy
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(im from chile) i saw this on a store last week and i was with my friends and i pointed the toy and scream'd 'PARAMOREEEEEEEEEE HAD ONE OF THESE, BOUGHT HERE' and well.. they looked me like i was insane sñdlakhsadlñsdlñah love you guys
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I want it.... like now.
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haha awsome
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Jeremy very funny
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If I saw that in my room I would be like Wtf..
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este muñeco nunca me agrado ni me agradara
Hiddles_Army66's picture service, there's a maniacal little doll thing in my room O.o
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omg i would have a attack if i walked in that room and saw that!!!
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Scary awesome... wow.
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AHAHAHA that's awesome, I need to get one to put in my room!
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i've never saw "saw" but i've seen scary movie-scary movie has parody of this
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Crap I would never ever wanna see that...i would be scared out of my mind. What was your reaction?
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Oh my God,that's the verry last thing I'd want to see anywhere xD
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holy crap id shit myself
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NICE! lol
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nah! jigsaw from SAW movie..:DD
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i hate this :(