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Maybe sometimes I wear @letgodwork tank tops. So what?

Maybe sometimes I wear @letgodwork tank tops. So what?
Posted by taylor


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marry me.
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this is so amazing i don't even- *-*
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my boyfriend
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hottie :3
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Very cool! ;))
nikole mackliff's picture

But you look so sexy *-* Hahahah <3
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Old picture, but you're cute.
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what's cooking good looking
CathrineRichter's picture

I love you !!! ♥
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I loved the photo Tay Oh my God this tattoo ... I will one day in honor of you! you're one of my idols as well as Jerm and Hay :D
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omg! so hot! hahahah
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taylor you can do no wrong<3 tank tops are ACCEPTABLE(:
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get in my life
Amy-JadeMabberley's picture

tank tops look good on men, i dont see why no guys wear them where im from :/
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Your so hott/amazing!!!
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you're adorable!
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you are the one person in the world I could consider one of my greatest friends of all time that i have never even met...
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will you marry me?
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I love you Taylor. Wish I could meet you so much. You, Hayley, and Jermey are my life
RenegadeNatattie92's picture

This is Taylor not Jeremy, if you were really a fan you would know this :/ but on a lighter note HI TAYLOR! I love you :)
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This is pretty cool! LOVe the 'tank top'!!
RobynClarke97's picture

Hello there handsom :)
paramore9090's picture

<p>FYI This is Taylor!! And yes Jeremy does have a tattoo of the 3 bar logo in the same place as hayley (left wrist)</p>
CamiParawhore's picture

please, tell me why you are so beautiful ♥
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omg MARRY ME JEREMY!!!!!!!!!!1
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Hey paramore-fan-01, Jeremy has this tattoo :)
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*Jeremy. Oops
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Cute, i noticed your tattoo that hayley also has, does jermey have one too?