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Me and Mollie. She got hurt during the show but we got to hang after so its all good now!

Me and Mollie. She got hurt during the show but we got to hang after so its all good now!
Posted by Hayley

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Vhon29's picture

i want that bonnet
HayleyIsMyNovacaine's picture

Hayley, you shine brighter than anyone
Paradomcia's picture

very nice of you Hayley !! you really nice !!
carolbueno's picture

hayley y u so pretty
mcsmithereen's picture

wow they rboth really pretty!!
yeliah_paker's picture

you guys have breath taking eyes, my older brother had to lean over and drool on my laptop
Shmaandace's picture

hayley is so freakin pretty.
BreakfastWithTiffany's picture

aww hope she was ok
paramore fanatic's picture

i love your photo you make the photo look wonderful LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
Theatregeekbp's picture

: )
Firzad Emir's picture

hayley's smile so beautiful :)
Chloe Loves Paramore's picture

I have had so many Paramore dreams it's not even funny. I really hope my mom can get me tickets to come to the spring concert in Illinois. Really wish you would come to Wisconsin. Oh well. Illinois isn't too far away I guess (:
threebars's picture

oh man, this smile is so beautiful! haha, some time ago i dreamt the same thing xD that was the best dream ever :D
cynthia charles's picture

I had the wierdest dream tht hayley came to dubai we lyk hangout and became good pals *sigh* if only dreams wre real :3
Pattyklauck's picture

I would break my arm, or my leg, to see you..
kendall loves paramore love's picture

a girl passed out in maryland!!! i was freaking out (but it was probably because i was within 100 feet of paramore!!!)
Canste13 ♥'s picture

adorable smile =)
pssitsGiu's picture

hayley you look so beautiful
pianoparamore94's picture

i would hurt my leg to meet you x)
3paramore3_8's picture

that is one lucky girl!
ParamoreObsession101's picture! I wish i was her!
dhilaceuex's picture

Nawler's picture

Hayley looks so beautyful i love you
Michaela_6's picture

shes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo luck!
mal3hnoir's picture

Hayley se ve hermosa!!!
limegreensunset's picture

must get hurt when i see you guys in december xD
Adriana Castro's picture

i am gonna make sure i get hurt just so i can see you guys :)
Marie_19's picture

Wow, you have a really nice smile Hayley!
PlayingGod♡♬'s picture

aahww your so nicee,i wish i could meet you! :(
cazzerss's picture

the only thing i really wanna do is meet hayley. then i d be ok