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This is my dog Ilan Rubin!

This is my dog Ilan Rubin!
Posted by taylor


NewDestiny's picture

sure, it's a dog...
Firda Ely's picture

a dog? -.-
DeadlyPenguin's picture

Nice ;)
kyliegen12's picture

what breed of dog is that Taylor?
itslilianayall's picture

you're both so perfect oh god i wish paramore and ava made a collab sigh
buket98's picture

haha taylooor ♥ :D:D
saimsaids's picture

haha. thats funny :)
allixoxparamore's picture

ahahha omg i love you !!!!!!
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Nick A07's picture

A dog? LOL
Sing it back 2 me's picture

Love you both <3
valadouladrakaki's picture

haha laugh my ass off real dog's hair!
Daydreaming3392's picture

:D LOL! Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!!XD
maniii111's picture

LOL your dog XD