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My mom found this pic in a box of old pictures hahaha

My mom found this pic in a box of old pictures hahaha
Posted by Hayley

beware of you.


JemmyJulia's picture

That's Jeremy? I thought it's Nial on 1D Hahaha
aleppulido's picture

he looks so weird!!!
heyychesseeeeeeee23's picture

what's written on his shirt???
fantastictriple's picture

loool jeremy
secretus aderator's picture

Haha :D I wish I would know, what's written on his shirt! :o
FCHayleyLove's picture

baby you'RE PERFECT
ParaDonkey's picture

AHAH! jerm :'D he looks weird without his beard
jarrett lover's picture

haha,lol,thats nice
itsleanneyall's picture

I didnt even recognise Jeremy straight away! If he shaved we'd be screwed! :L
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Gemmie3Hayley's picture

haha. soooo cute :">
ivanyeah's picture

I'm wondering if they got some old pictures from when they startet as a band ,here on ... O_O
paramanic4ever's picture

jeremys has always been WICKED
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LiHW's picture

cat ^^

I love you Jerm worm!!!
ROCKMAN's picture

haha )
dunai's picture

Haha, the shirt says "No job", I wanna know what the rest of it says!
Makakyta's picture

OMG Jeremy looks so... KID!!!!!!!!!!! lol
comie34's picture

haha jermy
sylvia_3's picture

ha aww
ParaRawrr_3's picture

lookin good jerm :P
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Berry Juice's picture

Jeremy looks cute even back then
MisguidedGhosts's picture

Agahahahahaha. Oh Jeremy
carolbueno's picture

omg you gotta love young jeremy
omgireallyloveparamore's picture

Hahaha!! Jeremy looked nice! :P
paramorechick_3's picture

thats jeremy? :O
imonmywaytobelieving's picture

Jeremy was such an adorable teenager! :3 (And now we know more or less what his natural hair color looked like :p)