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One of my new punky tea mugs for the studio! TEAnage Kicks! Get it?

One of my new punky tea mugs for the studio! TEAnage Kicks! Get it?
Posted by Hayley


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AWWWWWWWWW *-* is perfect *_*
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Sex pistols are amazing but I hope the cup doesn't make the coffee taste as weird as the band was.
lostgirlluver's picture

Lol, i get it! :D
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Aaw Sex Pistols! I want that too aw
ikey's picture

can I have it too? :D
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love the sex pistols... and tea
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Going a little British are we? :D good. I'm British and tea is amazing :) The whole Never Mind The ... Here's The ... actually comes from the Sex Pistols album Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols. Also Never Mind The Buzzcocks use it aswell (they're a British comedy tv panel show) So yeah... a bit of useless info for you :) You're welcome.
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i wish i could have one of those :D
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i want it!!! so cool!!!
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Sweet mug!
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Nice! :)
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cute mugs.
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that's very very very cool !! :)
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That's cool :D I want one :):D
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HAHA thats funny, i want one too!
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<p>ahh! that is soo cool! hahaha speaking of which I just finished drinking a bit cup of tea [:</p>
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ahaa!!! i think i get it ;)
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I get it!! TEAnage kicks instead of TEEnage kicks. ya know like the drink TEA instead of the correct spelling with TEE. :) I got your back.
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:| ??
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pinkies up :)
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Gosh. I LOVE tea. <3
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first! and that is epic i like tea :)