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Our friends @mohawkxman & @sassafrassroot from Boston (cutest couple award ) made me this vest!! I'm so psyched by @yelyahwilliams

Our friends @mohawkxman & @sassafrassroot from Boston (cutest couple award ) made me this vest!! I'm so psyched by @yelyahwilliams
Posted by Hayley


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Wow these are so cool! I want one!
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Oh my God, I'll make one equal or at least similar.
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Im not really a fan of animal print but it looks great on this jean jacket!
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Beautiful :3
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hermosa! quiero tener un aeroplane para viajar y perseguirlos a donde vallan! argentina!! love you so much! and we are waiting for you!! <3 <3
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This should be in the store:D
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Thaat's awesooome! love it
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Love it! I couldn't get a ticket for your show in NY :( But it's all good!! I'll catch you guys next time ;)
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WOW! That's amazing! *-* I really love that.
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You should wear this on the next show in NY ;)
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totally cute ! :)

OMG! is so cute ♥
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so cute, you should wear it in the shows
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Perfect! I love it
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lindo *___*
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I love it♥
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I Want all!!
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Hi! This is a video that i made for Last Hope(my fav song from "paramore") Enjoy it! :)
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omg I want me <3
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I need it!!! *w*
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I want one too! Beautiful :'D
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Awesome, i want too haha
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I like it <3