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Posted by Paramore


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You are the bests! I love you guys♥ I'm Going to see you in the concert, here in Argentina♥
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So want this as A1 poster!!! ;)
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Cool pic. Can't wait for Paramore!
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hayley, please stop being so awesome!! :|
DanielRiveraSantos's picture

nice shirt taylor!!!!
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Jeremy, where did you get that The Lost Youth shirt? i want one o_O anyone know where to get one?
Alanis LA PARAMANIATIK's picture

son los mejores <3<3<3<3
DanielaQuesada's picture

I want to meet you three so bad. Please, come to Costa Rica! we seriously need some good bands
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hey. i have one question to u guys. a guy told me that he had a kissed from hayley. do you think i should beleive him ??
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I hope can have t-shirt that jeremy wear..
DannyArceF's picture

Una sola vez en Perú no es suficiente, vuelvan! :)
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i love it!
Laura ♫'s picture

yo no se que haria sin PARAMORE! Jjajaja de verdad XD
M Razid Aldino's picture

perfecto !!!
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i really love paramore!!!!
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I have loved this band for so long and even though the Farro brothers are gone now I know they will continue to make great music in their own right and the remaining members of paramore will create beautiful music in their upcoming album. Rock on guys!
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why won't you love me
MisguidedGuru ▌▌▌'s picture

totally love this pic...such photogenic ppls!
ParamoreIsCoolSincerelySamantha's picture

AAAH,, you guys are just perfect! Can't wait to here your new stuff, and I hope you keep creating amazing music for years to come!! Uggh,, I soo wanna meet you guys someday. Especially you Hayley. You have been my idol for years!! <3 <3
Emmi McDonnell's picture

band in black lol luv it xxxx
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oh i wish i could watch your concert at Mall of Asia i wish. The three of you are my favorites, always and forever.
JhonaQuitainDeChavez's picture

i just love it! desperately!!! :)
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I love you :3
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awesome \m/
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Band in black - hunting some catchy tunes ! ;) ♥
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the best band of all ♥
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