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Posted by ParaWebCrew


ManuJuli01's picture

great photo :)
angelecca's picture

I love this....
AnonymousMC13's picture

Paramore|Hayley with a cute mini bangs| ha hah ha ^_^
DT14's picture

This is my wallpaper on my computer.
Alivia Burgos's picture

I absolutely love this pic!!! <3 I love you guys so much :)
Renan Carvalho's picture

Lindos e meus!
yelyahup's picture

i love
vMAK's picture

great photo tho...
vMAK's picture

is it jst me .... Taylor has gotten cuter..just saying.. lol
sammysamsam1999's picture

I have this poster :3 I made my dad enlarge it so it was bigger :3 haha, I really love this picture of you guys.
joel813's picture

muy buenaa fotoo
beebbycak's picture

I missed you guys :)
zhrwilliams_potgieter's picture

This Picture is so cool. ILYSM Paramore!!! *hugggss
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Erica Maia's picture

All very beautiful!
Molly_Woppy's picture

This is actually a perfect photo
Erica Maia's picture

I Loved !
gothaik's picture

good one
galoerjo's picture

I can't wait for your album! :]
Kurotan's picture

why are these guys so beautiful?!
NicolasLinares's picture

i love this photo!
MiriiFlores's picture

I like..! Jeremy is very very Attractive :3
LAUREN LOWES's picture

I love this photo x ;]
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Just_A_Misguided_Daydream's picture

This photo is amazing!! I wish I could get a poster of it
Alecia45's picture

I completely agree. Can we take a poll and make this happen? This photo is raw and beautiful.
Robert_howard96's picture

I want a poster of this
Sing it back 2 me's picture

words cant even describe how great you guys all are!!!!!
SaraElisa's picture

I LOVE this pic!!