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Paramore anime

Paramore anime
Posted by AnaRitz

that's a drawning that I made

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Hey, Anaaaaa Iti's véri gudi... Congratuleixons x)
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oh, thanks!
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You are soo good at drawing! I can't even make that! Really cute though!
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cool!! really cute!!
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=O I LOVE is amazing
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thanks everybody... Hayley is the only happy because I made this draw looking to a photo, and it's like that!!
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hayley is the only happy 1!
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awsome love thu drawing
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love it!:)
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omg, thats like major awesomeness! i soooo want that up on my wall, its sik, u rock! x o x o
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thank you!!
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oh my god, i love it !!! its pretty look a like :)
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that is awesome :D
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Pretty sweet!
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First comment, and this is bloody awesome, I love it, I would so buy it :D