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Paramore Candy Hearts - this week's preorder prize

Paramore Candy Hearts - this week's preorder prize
Posted by Paramore


ChaaaFudan's picture

Where can I get these? I'm from the Philippines :D
ninebenitez's picture

quiero esoo *.* :P
Tiylar's picture

<p>omg where can u buy these</p>
Lozzeeh34's picture

<p>OMFG can you BUY these?!?!?!</p>
Leticia Gomes's picture

I want these hearts!! s2
Erica Maia's picture

Perfect! you are too!
Tuzhxy Parawhore's picture

mmm.. this is Paramore.. hahaha :D
Nora_.'s picture

I want those hearts too ! :D
RafaellaRodrigues's picture

OMG eu quero *u*
AstridPARAMORE5's picture

paramore gives their heart to me so sweet :D
BigFatPanda1's picture

Danielle Triplett's picture

Come to Alaska?!
Uroosa13's picture

Awsome! :D
Bartman2001's picture

Awwww how sweet. Oh yeah was it really necessary to give the record company some PR on those otherwise heartfelt candies?
Lety.♥'s picture

I Love Paramore. *-*
cuyi's picture

I want *O* <3
alexEzquivel's picture

super sweet
Erica Maia's picture

O my god ! I loved the idea!
ThaisOliveira's picture

Nice *-*
Facu Bosco's picture