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Paramore worst dressed??? well NO!!!

Paramore worst dressed??? well NO!!!

They are wrong! asdfghgsfaads


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Well someone obviously didn't know what they were talking about. Their loss. You guys looked A-M-A-ZING!
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They look awesome!!
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They are awesome! Always has been always will be !
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LOL DUDE. You guys look amazing <3 Are you supposed to be all blinged up with 1 million dollar chains? Is Hayley supposed to wear some see through flimsy sparkley dress? No. They obviously forgot that you guys were being yourselves... some of us have to grow up sometimes ...
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Omg, Just have to say that Taylor looks gorgeous <3
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HOW WERE THEY WORST DRESSED????????? THEY WERE BEST DRESSED!!! And no, they don't have to match because they all have their own UNIQUE styles, okay??? So shut up Teen Choice Awards 2013! Ilysm Paramore and all of your fans love you tooooooo ♥ And they don't care how you want to dress either ;)
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they all look great!
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still rocking it
Lizzie Williams TeRarawa Maori's picture

They Look Great Teen Choice Has No Idea What Worst Dressed Means!!! PARAMORE ROCKS!!!!
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They changed the style of their outfit, but the essence of their fashion is still there..
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I think they look great :) Just ignore anyone who says different.
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Ok I accept that you've Changed the way you look before... But it's Ok someone has to try something different... And for that reason you're the best
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I like the way Paramore dress it was different and retroish. i especially like Hayley's black dress. With the white vest and red hair she reminds me of girl from the fifth element.
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This is exactly the kind of thing Paramore don't do; judge. Naming people best and worst dressed is horrible, it lowers self esteem for some but boosts the egotistical brains of fakes (such as those who care enough about the Teen Choice's opinion to be happy with their award). Paramore stand against doing what Teen Choice do and should completely ignore this comment. Be original and be individual - that's what Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy have taught me and thats what they do, so why do they deserve to be punished by a flock of sheep who are scared to stand out from the crowd?
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Besides, no one else can pull off Leopard print socks quite like Jerm can ;) Are they leopard print? Who knows.. But anyways! They're hot.
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How dare they... Too be honest, I think they were the greatest and most uniquly dressed at the whole event. Yeah, that's right. Ha. You know nothing about what makes people "fashionable". THEY ALWAYS LOOK GORGEOUS, AND YOU CANNOT DENY THAT.
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The only reason they had the guts to name Paramore the worst dressed is because whoever chose the winner for this award is JEALOUS OF OUR PRECIOUS HAYLEY, JEREMY AND TAYLOR'S AMAZING STYLE!!!!!!!!! These three are some of the very few people who always stay true to themselves, and that is one of the many reasons why I love them :) You guys looked absolutely fabulous <3
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It's just different from what they're used to at the Teen Choice Awards, because most other people are superficial hollywood stars. They all look the same.. Just because Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor have their own unique style, they're dressed ugly? Hell no! They are the only ones who have always stayed true to themselves. They look AWESOME!!
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They look great!
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What???!!! They Look So Rad.... I Love them... BEST BANd EVER <3333333 (forever a parawhore) :)
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that's what they do. it's teen choice awards they just care about twerking, making POP music, and degrading people
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You couldn't be more accurate
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My gosh! Paramore is Unique! I don't hate them, I love them more either, because of what they are right now. I will always love you guys no matter what :*
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fuck the media, paramore is different. <3
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they looked great. they just don't like it cause it's different, but that's what Paramore is now. THEY ARE DIFFERENT NOW! I also wanted to congratulate them on their award and I'm obsessed with Hayley's outfit and hair during their performance. Keep doing what you do cause it's awesome!
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Omg They are so Perfect! I just love you guys
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Bitch Please! they dress better than you! apparently these people believe that dresses better than Paramore, they look totally amazing, they look beautifully perfect with any dress or style! I love you guys.