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Paramore's Sign from Rock Sound magazine

Paramore's Sign from Rock Sound magazine
Posted by fueledbyadam

Check out the latest blog post to see how you can win this!


Lozzeeh34's picture

now i can print this baby off and say i met you.....
Pambee1993's picture

Larissa.S's picture

Pleaaaaase come to Belgium!
JohnDarrylConer's picture

excited to see you guys in the mall of asia arena
Biamm's picture

Please come to Brazil!!
TammyRiot's picture

SEE YOU ON FEBRUARY. <3 ;a;dja;h;qouhc;ifbsf
ParamoreEmily3's picture

Paramore please come to Copenhagen in Denmark please!!..
tuta's picture

jakarta again pleaseeeeee !
i&#039;m_a_parawhore_it&#039;s_in_my_blood's picture

I hope Italy, Tuscany please :(
KhmelevAlexander's picture

When Paramore comes Russia??? Paramore????
Yssa Dum's picture

How I wish I can come on Paramore's concert this year. :( I don't have enough money to buy a ticket. :(
Mille Anne's picture

see you soon guys! Everyone is waiting for you here in Manila. see you on Feb 15 @ the return of Paramore Concert!!
Gingrbabe's picture

<p>I can't wait!!! Every time I had tickets to one of your concerts, something would happen to prevent me from going!! I cried my eyes out a few times bc I had to miss out.... Well not this year !! As soon as you guys come to Philly or anywhere in Jersey, I will be there, w my hubby, front row center!!!</p>
rilly jonamika's picture

love you paramore!
Khairul_Parawhore's picture

always listening...always understanding...for PARAMORE
Isabelle Joy Brinan's picture

I tried to enter this and i kept getting an email saying it failed to send :(
justin virgilio kase's picture

other than else...listen to you PARAMORE ;-)
DharilycaSulit's picture

i really admire you paramore! :))))
Maleny_S's picture

Please come to Chile's picture

Maleny_S's picture

jajaja obvio y parawhore
VeronicaVillafañe's picture

paramore in argentina 2013 !!! como back we miss you !!! we love you !! guys :D
Crisssttti's picture

italy needs to see you in 2013
helloparamore's picture

niiiiiiiiiiice i want
musiclover1125's picture

please come to Budd Lake New Jersey we need something to bring our spirits up
Emmi McDonnell's picture

r u coming to the uk? xx plz do i never seen u in concert ive never been allowed xxx
jordan4fallen's picture

Best of luck 4 your self-titled album this coming April....:-)
Daai's picture

I saw it! plis back to Argentina! i coudnt go the last time! i want to make my dream true in your concert! I love you ! <3
megan1551's picture

can't wait
Jerome Mengullo's picture

See you Paramore :D