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Posted by fueledbyadam


xXParamoreFreakXx_2's picture

I wish!
falloutparawhore's picture

No, BUT I WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
misscrushcrush28's picture

I've seen your band one's and ... I've cried ... seriously your awesome
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u guys are awesome xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

car0l's picture

omfg, i love warped tour <3
Lacie Brinkerhoff's picture

hey hey
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StuckOnU4Evr's picture

It sux u guys didnt come to the east coast :-( I miss seeing u guys in concert I haven't since 09! Hope to meet you all soon it'd be my DREAM I'd die happy :-)
Skye_2's picture

I can't go to the warped tour to see them, it's the worst feeling EVER to know they're so close, but i can't go. :(
mariana17's picture

It was my first warped tour ever and I had a blast, definitely going again!
Emmie Western's picture

I can't get any of the shirts or anything!! Please sell in S.A!!!!
ashmatt11's picture

@TwilightParamore95 doubt they are gonna break Josh and Zac left the band because they weren't happy. They all understand that, but I don't think that anybody else is going anywhere. At least I hope they don't. . . . . . .
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valeee's picture

this made me notice how much i love paramore!!
ORANGEHAY's picture

Yes Yes Yes!
AdventuresOfRoadkill's picture

Hey, when are you guys tourin in england?!?! :D
TwilightParamore95's picture

I hope that you guys will come to Washington. i want to see you guys play, hopefully before (if) you guys break-up..... Your my favorite band ever so i hope you Dont !
Ece's picture

we want paramore in Istanbul, TR
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Kmenetti's picture

Saw you guys at warped when Riot! first came out, I cant even explain the crowd you drew. It blew my mind, and it was the first time I saw you live. It was incredible.
iLuVpArAmOrE_10's picture

come to aus! we miss you!
CiaraSawParamoreAgain's picture

Come back to IRELAND we NEED ye!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :L xxxx :D
Malena_'s picture

warped tour? naaaaah, i want another south american one!
misguidedghost_17's picture

PLEASE COME TO IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 plzz
Renan Pires's picture

come back to brazil paramore, :P I want to see you again
ORANGEHAY's picture

Yup Yup Yup :P
makenziePhammy's picture

I really wish I could come see y'all! I haven't seen yall live before):
Playing God♥Taylor York♥'s picture VOTE!!!!!