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From Platform 9 3/4, obvz

From Platform 9 3/4, obvz
Posted by Paramore


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OH MY GOD ! PLATFORM 9 3/4 of Harry Potter *___________* cool, loved loved simply loved! Harry Potter fan here!
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This photo is both epic and adorable. I love these guys so much :D
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This just made me love them more. :"> <3
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Epic !! favourites two things in my whole life.
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You Guys Are Awesomness! <3's picture

I love this piture:')
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Quick Hayley to Howarts! before the train leaves, rons a terrible driver so you don't wanna miss that train.
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Hahahaha I love Jeremy's smile
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Wooow !!
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OH MY GOD BOTH OF THESE THINGS ARE MY LIFE! Paramore and Harry Potter...I will forever save this picture. You guys are amazing, and VERY lucky.
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they rock my world!!!!
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Cute <3
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HP + Paramore = Genial!!!
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Who does not dream of being this season haha, Paramore s2
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This picture combines two of my all time favourite things, Harry Potter and Paramore <3
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OMG I wanna be there so much!!! *-*
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omg i have to touch that trolley now!!! Harry Potter and Paramore=completed life x
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Combining my two favourite things: Harry Potter and Paramore (: LOVVEEE
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awesome!! :)
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Jeremy's wonderful smile <3 :)
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this is awesommmee! <3
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My dream come true! that great! i wish i was there, with you :$ haha i love Harry potter! nice photo Hayley! :) I love you guys!
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lol. Gotta love her! xD
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wish i saw them there
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Hayley..just a you know what your name sounds in portuguese, HEY LAW..funny isn´t it?maybe that´s why you have to MAKE THE RULES...Hayley,hey ho let´s go,come on...HIT THE LIGHTS..bring your boots..mi RR crazy...
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I was listening to That's What You Get and watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 when I saw this picture. What are the odds!? Love Paramore soooooo much!:D
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paramore + harry potter = heaven