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Side A of the new album is now streaming on #paramore #4Sides4Nights #ParamoreSideA by @paramore

Side A of the new album is now streaming on #paramore #4Sides4Nights #ParamoreSideA by @paramore
Posted by Paramore


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I love you NOW
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How can I listen to the streaming?? I'm going to cryyyyy if it doesn't work for me:(
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i love paramore but this website is annoying i cant find anything! :/
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<p>i love "grow up"&nbsp;</p>
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is the stream for the new album still happening or what?
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ooooooooooh wow
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It's not playinggggg. Can't play it on stream. Whyyyyyy!! :(
atlantisinwonderland's picture

thats what happend to me so i put it on youtube
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Awesome! but please get the Øs away. Ø is a letter, not a cool way of writing O.
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I love this! Can't wait for Side B!
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I still love you! Side A is just AWESOME! "Fast In My Car" is very powerful. "Now" is first single - I love it! "Grow Up" is catchy. "Daydreaming" is so good. Thank you!
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I LOVE the whole talk singing thing going on in Fast In My Car, loved that song right away. Mmm, at first I didn't like Now when they first released it but it's grown on me and I totally love it right now. The rest of the songs.... well... meh, it'll grow onto me. On that note, PARAMORE COME TO HAWAII FOR THIS TOUR.
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I love "Grow up" because it has a(Hometown catchy vibe) "Now" is (Badass)"Daydreaming"(<3 The Lyrics Fav. song) "Fast in my car" (Don't look back) Nice work.
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Try in explorer, it worked there
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OMG *O* i love new song <3 love it
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It never worked for ,e
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Any way to hear Side A? I missed it earlier. :(
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I LOVE IT <33333
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I love it !♥

Finally after much delay, a little test on the cake, love Daydreaming and Fast in my car
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Finally got it streaming for me! Fast In My Car is catchy, Now grew on me, I really like Grow Up & Daydreaming.
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so perfect!
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This first three musics is just PERFECTS! Thanks a lot (:
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loved it! Daydreaming is so awesome *_* great job guys :)
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Nothing is working for me, either?
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It isn't working for me ; (
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I've heard song 1 and 2 like 4 times trying to get beyond that is impossible!
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now it works thank god