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So frustrating when you get an unwanted whole in the knee of your jeans.

So frustrating when you get an unwanted whole in the knee of your jeans.
Posted by taylor


keepcalmPARAMOREon3000's picture

Looks like something Hayley would wear c;
Dtotheave's picture

At least it will keep one leg warm, you can't have everything in this world. #douchebag
eduardo_paramore's picture

A little hole...
Paramoretoriot's picture

Very big unwanted hole! Xx
BoKenzi's picture

Still wearable !
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riot2233's picture

lol wow taylor
weirdnat's picture

That can be fixed with some tread and needles. Sew it up :)
DigingDeep's picture

It's not that bad. You can still wear them.
DarkPrincess32's picture

aww, that tiny thing? :P
Spyke's picture

those are amazing!! :)
GenKerr's picture

pure art right there. good job man, no hole now hey?
Sheldon Vantol's picture

you spelt hole wrong lol
Paperbird94's picture

I can barely see it! lol XD
Jessica T.Ferris's picture

that's cool man...I can see you did half of the job cutting off the leg you got the whole...Now, my that you use this half pant leg over another leg(a complete your things don't shows up) would be cooler if it was in a different collor, like yellow, orange..maybe black looks really cute once you're wearing this...get a picture if you follow my you arond!!!!!!!!!!1
Drummer1357's picture

ahhhh its fine, u can stitch that right back up man!!! wat da fuss ABOUT?
wtsrocio's picture

haha thats weird?
Kammzy's picture

LOL! They look fine to me ;)
HimynameisAlexis's picture

its just a scratch!
PeaceXLoveXParamore's picture

Dude...what happened!? xD
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x_forever_paramore_x's picture

Story of my life 0.o
Vaggo Drakaki's picture

mother of trousers! :0
Vaggo Drakaki's picture

dafuq happened?
secretus aderator's picture

dude, what happened to your trousers?! :D
Lacking Grace's picture

Even more frustrating when they amputate your leg...
Celya Ayu's picture

lol! what happen with that jeans?! that's really a big hole!
paramoreareno1's picture

whst the hell hahaha :p
FueledByChloe's picture

So damn frustrating. I feel your pain.