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Still Into You Music Video

Still Into You Music Video
Posted by Paramore


Alyson lll's picture

So cute! I will be Mrs. York I love you Taylor <3 Peru needs Paramore 2014 :3 please
Its Vay's picture

Taylor , I love you. hahahah :D
Natalia Trujillo-TutiDiaz's picture

hahaha Taay :33
Forapessimistimprettyoptimistic's picture

Ohh Taylor
flowerpetal852's picture

lol twinkle toes
LizB96's picture

Taylor learning ballet! :)
JoshuaJumuadBautista's picture

i like hayley willams
AlejandraEli's picture

si verdad
Elizabeth.-'s picture

ooow Nice !
drdinosaur's picture

How cute! Twinkle toes ;)
ParaKitten's picture

ahhh. gotta love Taylor. lol
Alhiaboo's picture

Hahaha Taylor I would only take ballet if you were my teacher! How cute :)
dikyang's picture

He is awesome <3
worst_eyebags's picture teach them how the step...aww,so cute
Amityville's picture

Ha,ha Taylor you looks like ballerina sammysamsam1999: I want to see his photo
vMAK's picture

awww taylor you're so cute! lol that's to funny!....ewww lmfao!
sammysamsam1999's picture

hahahah. Awwwww bless him. Taylor, you are an awesome dude :3 My friend's boyfriend, Ross, looks like a younger version of you. It is so weird, he REALLY does look EXACTLY like you xD
Barbyy's picture

Good Taylor (: hahah
Little_Hayley2's picture

indigo_globe's picture

he actually has really good natural turnout. a true ballet star!
paralauuhh's picture

taydancer 2.0 hahahahahahaa!!! =)
GG_Alexandra's picture

Te amo Taaaay♥ esos pasos de ballet los haces muy bien, te ves hermoso.
Paramoretoriot's picture

Busting some ballet moves there Taylor! ;)
Alejitarockstar's picture

Jajjajaa I LOVE it!! <3
Liv25's picture

Nice fourth Taylor ;) haha
Ilona's picture

taylor is b-e-a-utiful
izzymorrisxxx's picture

ah i love the ballet part! nice fourth cross taylor!!
cuyi's picture

LOL taylor you are a beautiful dancer <3
Shauna Bauna's picture

Taylor my sweet, you are the single cutest thing known to mankind... We'll make a ballerina out of you yet sweetie:P
_rafaeI's picture

dajsfkçsadf~ para Taylor