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Stopped by Much Music today. #nothingtoseehere by @yelyahwilliams

Stopped by Much Music today. #nothingtoseehere by @yelyahwilliams
Posted by Hayley


ruti's picture

hahahaha Taylor looks so hot!
Marianne Parawhore's picture

I love you so much, Unicorn York
Juka Williams York Davis's picture

Taylor is still perfect with a unicorn in him face <3
samhain's picture

omg Taylor. xD You're hilarious.
Juanpe's picture

Hi! This is a video that i made for Last Hope(my fav song from "paramore") Enjoy it! :)
SammyAnthony's picture

Poor Taylor
cuyi's picture

OMG taylor lol
Minyang's picture

is that Taylor? the one with the horse head. haha.
drdinosaur's picture

I thought that haha XD He's crazy.
MNBlend's picture

Dude... I didn't know there was a horse in your band... that is super cool. You must be touring with the Neon Trees or something...