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Posted by Paramore


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Aww he is so cute wait who am I talking about Taylor of bill?? Lol XD
falloutparawhore's picture

It's a bird, It's a plane, no. It's superbill! XD
NewDestiny's picture

how cute is that :D
AndreaTipgos's picture

Hahaha! Soooo cuteee!! :)
Emmi McDonnell's picture

bills soooooo cool
NathalyAguiar's picture

I love you too taylor <3
Eatpieudie's picture

Aww so cute <3
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Really cute :) <3
para_musik's picture

I love it!!!! <3
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so cute <3
christy_parawhore's picture

cute :3
berrio47's picture

Nice dog!:)
Claudia27's picture

So cute❤
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Omg I love Taylor's dog, he's so adorable :)
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3 days ago...Hayley answer me at twitter...@Fansendy
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hayley! plz follow me on instagram! @jaci_x3
JOssyWIlliams's picture

muahh! Hayley <3
justin virgilio kase's picture

BEWARE of the dog...and their owners...any trespassors will be,eventually,shot donw... ;-)
ssolcis's picture

Omg so cute !♥
Imafan's picture

I love Taylor more than Hayley
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Omg Lol Taylor SUPER PUPPY!! Poor Puppy. :) LOVE YALL!!
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sooo cute!
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Trop marrant ce chien ^^
Mümü-Chan's picture

Il est vraiment trop kawaï votre petit bulldog français. Une pure bouille !!
Isabelle Joy Brinan's picture

He is just SO cute!!
MiRiAm HMW-MAPR's picture

which gives very tenderly beautiful puppy :)
everlasting's picture

what is the dog's breed?
Sami_Parawh's picture

thats sooo cuuute!!!<3