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Takin my les Paul junior to practice today so Josiah can fix her up. She's an old granny guitar.

Takin my les Paul junior to practice today so Josiah can fix her up. She's an old granny guitar.
Posted by Hayley

beware of you.


allweknowisRIOT_2's picture

i want one so effing bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Berry Juice's picture

thats one sexy gutair
Hiddles_Army66's picture

wow that's beautiful
TayValin's picture

I love it.
AreYouListenin's picture

Or is it the 1958 Double Cut LP Junior?! CAN I HAVE IT?!?!?!?!? I am so jealous of you!
AreYouListenin's picture

But you need a new pickguard, girlie.
AreYouListenin's picture

Is that the 1962 SG Junior?! Ahhh!! So jealous...I've wanted that guitar for years!
Mini Pant's picture

man that's awesome!
Anna Maria_4's picture

Nice guitar =]
itsclaudiayall's picture

is awesome ! i like
YouShineBrighter's picture

woah, wicked guitar hayley! :)
la_palaz's picture

awesome guitar! :)
LexieDancer's picture

That's a nice guitar! ^.^
kazumi's picture

it's pretty shiny for a granny guitar...
Loreniita ''Jesus''♥_♥'s picture

Wow I Want a Les Paul or some kind of Fender
Kylie_3's picture

haha ni-ice
Bartman2001's picture

Granny guitar? older instruments sound better especially Gibsons!
awsomeparamore's picture

love the granny guitar!!! love the colour bet it sounds awsome (if it works that is)! lol
Isabelle A. Gomez's picture

Awwww, granny guitar! If she still works, then that's wonderful!
Drummerchick's picture

You can always teach an old guitar new tricks
megyegy's picture

hi grandma guitar!
ms. blue eyes's picture

i love the floor on your kitchen, and the story behind the painting made me lol, love it, love you xx
Laetitia.b's picture

Oh my ! Is it a Gibon SG'x ? So difficult to find it nowadays !
Deena Ahmed's picture

never saw you with a guitar on stage
Katichu's picture

that is SUCH a beautiful guitar =D
JoshReuven's picture

cool hayley :)
paramoreprincess13's picture

its beautiful
taylorloverobot's picture

reminds me of the metalocolypse where they have to play acoustic and they refer to it as playing grandpa guitars
crazy_nirvana_lover's picture

may be a granny but it looks peng
KiwiVincent's picture

I used to have this guitar :) i sold it cheap to make some money aha!