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TAYLOR - Madrid (Spain) 2011

TAYLOR - Madrid (Spain) 2011
Posted by Sara_78
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My husband so handsome
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i wish i could have been there... :( it looks like fun!
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nice one sara!
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<p>WOW! THAT'S AWSOME!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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Sing it back 2 me's picture

Where is the LOVE button????????!!!!????? AWESOME PHOTO SARA!!!!!!! <3
redheadPL's picture

Now I know what will be my wallpaper on my phone. THANKS SARA! <3
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Amy-JadeMabberley's picture

i love this picture :O there should be a poster of it!
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awesome, i love my taylor :3
_Stefanie_O.o's picture

O.O Now I totally lose my patience. I want to visit a concert too!!! :/ Taylor you're awesome :D
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Tay, Y U so awesome?! :')
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GORGEOUS BOY :) Love Taylor...Nice Pic
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nice live
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I was there! Amazing concert love it and the photo too :)
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very good photo ... I love...congratulations :)
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Great shot!
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That's amazing!!! I wish I were there!
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Awesome pic, congratulations! ;)
It&#039;s_Beth_Y&#039;all's picture

wow! thats so good x
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I'm really impressed :) It reminds me Paramore show in Poland... mermories, memories... this photo is amazing! :D
parawhore_125's picture

wow excellente pic!
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Enhorabuena Sara!
marinilla93's picture

SPAIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!! I was thereeeeeeeee 11/7/11
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I was there! Amazing.
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how come this photo doesn't have 5 starts ?? ö !!