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@teganandsara!!! This tour is my favorite thing that ever happen.

@teganandsara!!! This tour is my favorite thing that ever happen.
Posted by Hayley

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I love Tegan and Sara
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saw them on August 8th...amazing concert for sure
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it was soooo hot!!!!!!!and humid!!!!!!!!!
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i love T&S !!! :D
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yes tegan n sarah rock
Mega-Paramore1234's picture WOOW PARAMORE !
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Tegan and Sara!!!!! they are so awesome!
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i was at that show! :)
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is to nice!
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omg! tegan and sara! : )
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ididnt get to see them at the show i went to , relient k played instead. :]
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i was right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome i love all of you guys! best concert ive ever been to
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love tegan and sara
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love tegan and sara! Tegan looks like a 30-year-old-girl-version of Nat Wolf (naked bros. band) XD
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love them!!
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hiding behind the scenes hayley...tegan and sara were good
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Tgey did really good live :)
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Where was that concert because i think i was there too
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they are so cool sarah and teagn rule
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GOD I LOVE THEM!! mainly Sara :)
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I was also there!
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everybody vote 4 paramore best rock music video on!!!!!!! GO NOW!
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They r two of my idols!!
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aaaaaaaaawwwww i looove them *_*
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i thought i saw hayles back there!
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awww kawaii
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I Love Tegan and Sara