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Today is cool. A guitar that was born in 1958 and a coffee born a few minutes ago.

Today is cool. A guitar that was born in 1958 and a coffee born a few minutes ago.
Posted by taylor

Yes, that coffee will turn into a guitar one day.


ardiexe's picture

Awesome coffee !!! :D
Erica Maia's picture

Cool Tay , i loved :D
Giovana Willians York Davis's picture

this is rock bitch
mbahriel's picture

Awesome Pic.. Rock my Life..
BobK_4's picture

Les Paul's are the guitarists best friend I've got one but not a "58 one plus it's only an epiphone but it gets the job done
123paramorelover's picture

wnat one it is an awsome guitar for an awsome guitarist.
J.A.B.I's picture

Love it!!
Red Devil's picture

Awesome Pic,I voted 5/5.
justin virgilio kase's picture

the carpet is very nice too...she was born where?and when?...ihihhihihihih cooooooooooolllllllllll i think i can smell the´s paramorian,isnt it???
justin virgilio kase's picture

it´s a must,probably...hasta la vista,funtastiks
Kataclench's picture

Awwww! :)
valadouladrakaki's picture

Mine guitar was born in 1986, and it's still very good!
justin virgilio kase's picture

lovely...can u play it?or is going to desintegrate herself,like is older than us....ihhh...should sound good,4sure...
buket98's picture

LOL:D:D i'm still laughing :D:D
Bernette Louise's picture

<3 <3 <3
DeadlyPenguin's picture

Haha, cool guitar! and coffee :D
Nick A07's picture

Very cute. LOL
Bartman2001's picture

Love the vintage Les Paul Jr. Does it and Hayley's red Les Paul Jr. keep each other company when the band's done recording for the night/day??
G.a.b.i's picture

I bet your mind is such a beautiful place
KathrinaQuibin's picture

That's so sick. Wanna have a guitar like that. :">
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