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Warped Tour 2011

Warped Tour 2011
Posted by fueledbyadam


GiovannaOaken's picture

You have no idea how much Paramore has changed my life.
Wada Parawhore's picture

i wnt one!!! please
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You guys are so inspiring and awesome and I just love you. PARAMORE IS A BAND. & it never ends.
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Larissa_38's picture

It NEVER ends.
imachildofparamore's picture

if you watch the from the field video when they get it done you will understand, i think its a beautiful meaning :)
Predy's picture

what does that tattoo mean?
Paramoreland's picture

someday mines friends and me make´s tattoo
theonlycamilaintheworld's picture

i don't understand the meaning of tattoo.. :/ please, I can't stay behind >
Deena Ahmed's picture

I sooooo will do it!
itsnereayall's picture

I'll make me this tattoo. I wanna have the 'it never ends' Paramore sign my whole life.
Krisley Nichole Farro's picture

The three lines means them and the lines around it are the people around them... Gosh.! I really love them.. I want one of these :D
sabrina_14's picture

what does the tattoo means?? i wonder
Caseeey's picture

i can guess which hand's hayley's haha

I want this tattoo!!!! Really bad.
xbutterrflyyx's picture

what does it mean? haha :/
Raquelinha@'s picture

Raquelinha@'s picture

i love this
Mayda Adha's picture

i wanna make this one :)
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i am getting this tattooed on wednesday! i cant wait!
MaryanaCarrasco's picture

I love that tatoo! MARRY ME! TAYLOR... OR JEREMY... OR HAYLEY... :B
marian's picture

love you guys
paramoreprincess13's picture

I'm so getting this tattooed!
Mariana_3's picture

Love it ! You guys are an awesome band, and you got crazy fans, who love you
fernanda's picture

aah me gustan la pulseras de haley los tatto estan frezones
Parawhore98_2's picture

I love this tattoo so fucking much. It shows paramore is still a big band, and they're not going anywhere. I'm with you, guys. Love you so.
nadiadia143's picture

Why is Taylor's so far up his arm? Just wondering lol
johannaprim's picture

The holy mark of Paramore 8D