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What the pho?

What the pho?
Posted by Paramore


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dead with the cuteness
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Jerm's looking RIGHT AT ME ^_^
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Fueled By Ramen? Hahahahaha.
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its ramen? because i love ramen xD
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youyou :3
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can I have some? (no meat) they don't even have pho in Norway mehhhh
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Is that Ramen? I want Paramore in Madrid...
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HAHAHAHAHA Love and friendship you have Jerm are like an inspiration to me with my friends
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heheeheheheheehehe............ what is that in that bowl.... it looks gross. LOL you guys are amazing :P keep on keeping on
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ckckckckck.. unique
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It's Unique :)
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i love hayley's expression. it is so hilarious!!
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i like! love u!
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the cuteness :3
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fave food + fave band = amazingness...
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happy paramore day!:)
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she's eyes... like shocking O.O
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cute,funny and eating your Dinner !
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so funny and cute! :D
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looks good
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very very good
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you are so cute :)
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:O and :)