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Airplanes Rehearsal

Airplanes Rehearsal
Posted by ParaWebCrew
October 04, 2010
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on October 4, 2010 - 8:00pm
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Airplanes Rehearsal



Angie'WhySoSirius's picture

Wow! I love Jeremy..ok, I said it xD
FoxyDuality's picture

I loved you to the bones Hayley. I still know every song title from your early albums by 3sec of listening. Ihad been listening to Paramore since 2007, back when i was 14. Now Im 20 and only have one to say. WHY THE FCUK DID U DISTROY UR OWN BAND?!?!?!? Possesive, bitch. I had been dying my hair red for 4 years constantly coz of u. Riot album is a part of my life.How could you misstreat Zac and Josh so badly?! I luved ya. Now, Fuck you Hayley..... Fuck you!!!! Paramore's todays mainstream and shellow music is ripping my heart to pieces. You gonna get lost Hayley. You gonna change into Avril Lavigne. You betray all the wise words youve sung with ur bear sole. u better disappear.
PunkMatic's picture

Love Hayley <3
elainewithoutyou's picture

I miss Farro brothers :'(
Erica Maia's picture

Very Cool .. the noise of the instruments fascinate me!
RisingXPhoenix3's picture

I loved the show. Haley, I love how you dork out on stage! Lol. THIS show turned my morning around. Thank you!
Littlegirlwantstofly's picture

oh I love it!!
shaddaloso's picture

its just a rehearsal . but its captures my heart . so like you paramore yeaa . :)
cami renegad3's picture

se ven tan lindos n.n
HiimHarmon's picture

Sorry, but whenever i first see the orange mic, i always think its a carrot at first.
cookie monster_5's picture

i luv paramore so much they are amazing
threebars's picture

@sharamore this would've been AWESOME!!
paramoreidn's picture

i wish they (as paramore) made a full version of this!!
paramore34ever's picture

Her part is the only good part of Airplanes, but Paramore all together makes the song sound even better
paramanic4ever's picture

dont think the guys like playing songs that r not theres, nietehr would i
jarrett lover's picture

haley williams can make any song one of the bet songs ever,without her,there is no paramore.
parafreak3's picture

i wish they could have done the recorded version thats on the radio all together... it makes paramore look like its just hayley but paramore is way more than hayley its not just anyone of them they are a band every memeber counts...
jarrett lover's picture

that was very good haley has a good singing voice
nardsmonster's picture

YAY! Airplanes!
jzme's picture

oh hayley makes acoustic songs sound so much BETTER
Snyder_B-ball12's picture

This is the better version. I like the one with B.O.B. it's cool and all, but this is waaaaaayy better
Memo75's picture

Really this is better, ???like “Emily” says ???
egibbs2308's picture

I like this version better than the one with BoB. The guitars and drums make it sound amazing. Also, her voice is so much more beautiful without all of the editing. I wish they would release a Paramore version of this!
Tallulah York's picture

I love the way taylor smiles after he plays:)
debby_123's picture

i kinda expected hayley to start rapping... :l
Inge's picture

Great song!
aldy_2's picture

halley and josh come back. please...
imperfektion's picture

great song! i only listen to it because she sings haha
Yazmiin Rockera Ever's picture

Love this song!
Lha_Eviitha's picture

I love this song