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BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show
Posted by fueledbyadam
January 24, 2013
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on January 24, 2013 - 10:52am
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Paramore in the studio with Grimmy on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show after meeting Hulk Hogan in the green room.


Beyuuuh's picture

Taylor is soooooooo cute <3 The way he still silent at the corner, feeling out of place? love it :)
RuZibah's picture

I love how much Hayley is fangirling and how Taylor just stands in the corner smiling!
someone else's picture

hayley is a bomb man :D shes the best
Valène's picture

Jeremy and his phone :')
allweknowisbecca's picture

Hayley fangirling is the best thing ever
BernadethRobin's picture

sooo funny :D ..hey taylor are you their? haha cute
Wafflepears's picture

<p><strong>They're soooo fun :D</strong></p>
JessicAHH's picture

Taylor just didnt shut up that hole time :P
Bam&#039;nhanha's picture

Taylor dint need the mic:)
NewDestiny's picture

ohh Hollywood...
XantheXV's picture

They got to meet Hulk Hogan...not fair.
nepheli_eva's picture

<p><strong>hahahaha they are hilarious!!! &lt;3 love you guys!!</strong></p>
sayitflo's picture

OUUU MY GAWWDD hahahaha LOL so cuteee :3 anyway Taylor why don't you speak :/?
DeadlyPenguin's picture

Aww, you guys are just so excited, thats awesome! Thats exactly how i would react if i would meet you guys.
NicolasLinares's picture

i love when hayley say: oh my god!!!
michael_lejano's picture

cool :)) Hayley is so PRETTY :)
3 Param0r3's picture

you're all too damn cute!! (:
Justineeeeeeee's picture

So Cool ! ! ! !
SmileyEye's picture

you guys make me smile soo much :D
Jezz06's picture

Aww they're so funny! WOOO! Cant wait for Paramore! Come get some Canadian love Paramore!!!! |||
cuyi's picture

Yeah !! you guys are really beautiful c:
SaraElisa's picture

yea! why wasn't taylor talking?! lmao he was all nervous, his face/body language at 2:00-2:11 makes it look like he's an awkward kid. Gotta love him!I love how they still get starstruck when they're so well known themselves!!! <3
Innakins's picture

Taylor, why don't you speak
haeLeixD's picture

Taylor <3
Kevinloveshbomb's picture

CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing Hayley fangil hahaha
ParamoretheMachine's picture

This was an awesome interview to kick off the new single. I'm glad the video is posted on here because I could only find the audio yesterday. Now rocks!