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Brick By Boring Brick

Brick By Boring Brick
Posted by Paramore
November 23, 2009
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on November 23, 2009 - 3:01pm
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Brick By Boring Brick



Darlan Josh's picture

The best video!
hwfan1's picture

a mio parere questo è il video migliore di tutti
xxxparamore43's picture

I actually think the blonde hair makes her look way younger, likes she's 15 or something???no no one??..okay...:( :D xoxx
LedZeppelin742's picture

I agree with you, Haykey looks like shes 17 when shes blonde. Hayley looks so cute like that
xxxparamore43's picture

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE songs ever!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 u Paramore...... F O R E V E R ! ! ! x x x x x
AshParafan's picture

I love this song! Hayley looks really pretty in this video she blows my mind. <3
RokkRebel247's picture

Mind. Blown. You are just so amazing!! Come shreveport :)
BlakeOptionalTanner's picture

You are truly beautiful! :) Come to Coventry soon; I'll be waiting! :) Love You :)
Mini Pant's picture

ba da ba ba da ba da!!!
Olivia Brooks's picture

nicolajudas's picture

The most beautiful fairy-tale I've ever seen <3
naectro's picture

Cool video, but she looks better with red hair.
devon_elise's picture

who does taylor play in this video?
Laurenstar's picture

i luv that vid! it is soo cool.
Lady_Paramore's picture

ba da ba ba da ba ba da ba da ba ba ba da ba ba
Lady_Paramore's picture

dude i love all paramore songs
forever.truth's picture

Epic. Absolutely epic :D.
Estephie SSponge's picture

brand new riot is falling's picture

happy birthday! it's been to years, i can't believe it! (yesterday.)
paramore1fan3D's picture

amazing! :D
Timni Loademup's picture

i dont understand the ending buuuuuuutttt i lik the song!
jarrett lover's picture

hayley looks pretty cool with blond hair.
haleyann's picture

she looks soo differnt with blonde hair but she is so pretty with it
SarahJ_3's picture

I think she looks older as a blonde. Really pretty still tho obvs
Erwin's picture

She is so beautiful with blonde hair, a really sexy woman
ruth betancurth's picture

amo esta cancion
The-only-AngelP's picture

Cant believe Im still the top coment...wierd...
The-only-AngelP's picture

The persone who doesn't like this video is very wrong cuz this is just awesome!!!
Ubi-misery-business's picture

C'est juste LE meilleurs clip de Paramore !!
Panic9's picture

Hayley looks awesome as a blonde! I love the whole fairytale theme to this. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Amazing song, too.