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'crushcrushcrush' live in Jakarta!

'crushcrushcrush' live in Jakarta!
Posted by fueledbyadam
August 30, 2011
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on August 30, 2011 - 1:21pm
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M.Rafi_Arifin's picture

i like paramore and hayley you so beautyfull
KevinMartin's picture

It was really amazing..I would like to visit Jakarta again...It is one of the best place to visit...
XxfrancoxX's picture

I'd wanna go to your concert in Chile
DiahJustin's picture

i wish i was there :(
anggunns's picture

oh my god. paramore when will you all come to indonesia again? i really2 waiting for your coming. love you all guysε˘`)
JillMWar's picture

Still the best video!
JillMWar's picture

This is the best live video ever!
mattoz123's picture

Jeremy is so cool!
mrs_york's picture

Hello dear. Anybody has tumblr? If anyone follow me, I follow those I love back. Post text, photos, quotes, PARAMORE *-* Give at least a look.
naectro's picture

no, sometimes she wears that scottish stuff or red pants ;)
potatocat12's picture

She always wears that same pair of awesome pairs. c:
Paracrazy_6's picture

Nice crowd!
Bajebang's picture

i'm new ^.^ greetings
doug.york's picture

Crush crush é dmais, com esa musica da pra perder a linha .... =)
Nathalia_12's picture

That is one loud crowd! :)
holasarah's picture

do you people know where malaysia is? huh?! wish they could be on an asian tour :( jakarta is really close to malaysia you know!
asdfgemhjkl's picture

hi everyone!! i'm a new member here...
parawhoregleek's picture

awe i was getting into that, then i cut off =(
Toweroverme_x_2's picture

ugh, that looks like so much fun. i wish i was at a Paramore show right now!
fikarmd's picture

I've been there. Best Concert Ever !
Indri Aprilyani's picture

Hey all follow me on twitter @IndriNAW thankyou. LOVE PARAMORE!!!!
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paramanic4ever's picture

u cant hear hayley thoough!!!
TayLey29's picture
riotic ell's picture

great performance!! i'll waiting for u guys to come to my country again!! MERDEKAA!! :D
pamellabaraujo's picture

cami0407's picture

love it !!!
tchoune82's picture

E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T. !!!
nna paramore mania's picture

yeah... i wanna dancing with Hayley and ParaFamiliy in Indonesia again.. hhoho we want more \m/
otoyotoy's picture

really miss this moment, please come to jakarta again, love you so much guys!