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Here we go...

Here we go...
Posted by Hayley
May 05, 2011
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on May 5, 2011 - 10:07pm
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Hayley beware of you.



MajaLikasPadrigon's picture

I love you Hayley!! :*
Wisewolf's picture

God i love her!
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Love This! <3 :D
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Hello dear. Anybody has tumblr? If anyone follow me, I follow those I love back. Post text, photos, quotes, PARAMORE *-* Give at least a look.
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Monday.'s picture

taylor yeah
rx11ns's picture

Yeah this is really cool.
oishbush's picture

this= PURE EPICNESS make sure to vote monster by paramore as song of 2011 on
P_A_R_A_M_O_R_E_-'s picture

:D yay
xlovexparamorex's picture

Amazing song ?
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love this song!
AllWeKnowIsEmma's picture

amazing song amazing lyrics amazing vocals amazing everything
juliettemeatsix's picture

This song is special.
Sophi's picture

I love it! Paramore are the best band! :)))) I love you so much guys"
music.freak's picture

I'd like to hear the whole version.
NKC♥Paramore's picture

This is so good! I wish I could see the whole song!
fitness1lisa's picture

I love the red favorite....
Hayleyrockstherainbow's picture

Friend:what does gorgeous mean? Me:Hayley Williams! Friend:Okayy... what about awesome? Me:Umm... Hayley Williams! Friend:How does that mean the same thing? Me:HAVE YOU NOT SEEN HAYLEY WILLIAMS?
Inge's picture

Perfect sound in live!
Mini Pant's picture

that was gr8!
MISGUID3DGH0ST's picture

EEEEEK! it's so good to hear hayley and taylor and jerm play this song again! my favorite by far. hayleys voice has grown even stronger since then, and the boys' guitar and bass skills have grown too. SO MUCH LOVE! :D
VaniaParamore's picture

omg! old paramore
TheOnlyException_4's picture

She Has An A m a z i n g Voice Live(:
iftheresafutureiwantitnever's picture

Love this :)
Dinaki's picture

They are the best!!!!!!!
azra's picture

why is it sideways,but it still sounds good
manucaszz's picture

Me hace reir mucho este video como mueve la cabeza jeremy jajajaja!!!! =D
Taylor_4's picture

STOP THE ADVERTISEMENTS!!! This is for Paramore fans! Not shopping.