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'Here We Go Again' in Honolulu

'Here We Go Again' in Honolulu
Posted by fueledbyadam
August 25, 2011
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on August 25, 2011 - 4:05am
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Hello dear. Anybody has tumblr? If anyone follow me, I follow those I love back. Post text, photos, quotes, PARAMORE *-* Give at least a look.
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sounds like a epic time! TOUR SC SOON PLSSSSSS!!!!
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My best time in HERE WE GO AGAIN! ?
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As always you the best! that are the best part of my life! because they are my life! and everything I say, I say to heart! HERE WE GO AGAIN! TT : @ittzeell_pb
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I will love to hear that in live and see them! I want to meet them I'LL DIE!! If I meet them!! Come to Puerto Rico Again! Come back Pleasseee!!!!!! Pretty plzz with sugar on top!! and waffles on the side!!!
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i was there
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I'd have liked to hear that song IN CHILE ! haha please guys come back soon !
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COME HERE IN BRAZIL PLEASEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please Come To Ireland!! :) :) Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top!! :)
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Ahhh! I love it! Thank you for coming to HONOLULU! It Was EPIC! but i got squished... Anyways! I LOVE U!
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I would love Paramore coming here to Central America, specifically to Honduras, I love Paramore!!
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I was there!!:]
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i wish that you guys would come t Arkansas!!!!
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@Emily I know! That's the last time I saw them, too! They need to come back around here again!
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I'm having Paramore withdrawals... The last time I saw them in concert was the opening night of the Honda Civic Tour (July 23, 2010) in Raleigh, NC. Tour soon, I miss you guys!!!
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@kendall loves paramore love! me too ahaha
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OH MY GOSHHHH i thought jeremy was josh for a sec.... i flipped out
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yeahhh! =)
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I have hayley's pants
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*big smiles* :D
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best 22 second of this month :3 22 delightful seconds
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looks like fun! I love that song sooo much!!!
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I was there!!! I had so much fun at the concert!!!!
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So short but an awesome video!
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I LOVE !!! HERE WE GO AGAIN : ) one of my favorite songs !!! :D
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i must have those pants!!!!!!! lol
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@ monster playing god i found them on trash and vandeville
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I want those pants soo baad! where can i find them? xp