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Indonesia Shows

Indonesia Shows
Posted by ParaWebCrew
May 03, 2011
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on May 3, 2011 - 12:59pm
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PARAMORE please come back to Indonesia,,, I'm so miss you,
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i miss paramore in Bali!! huhuhu:'( please hayley come back to Bali again!! I lost my shows later! if you come to Bali again in 2013 i won't forget it again!XD love paramore till'die
YosefOktafianus's picture

i miss them all to perform in jakarta - AGAIN
mrs_york's picture

Hello dear. Anybody has tumblr? If anyone follow me, I follow those I love back. Post text, photos, quotes, PARAMORE *-* Give at least a look.
susisusis's picture

love you guys, thank for coming to INDONESIA
deannsprankle's picture

Thank you guys so much for coming to Indonesia! I only watched your show in Bali and IT WAS AWESOME! BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!
Internet Safety's picture

in indonesia! LOL
Clare Vablo's picture

I really want to see you.. but i dont have enough money.. :'(
aiiuu's picture

actually i want to watch you guys! but i have enough money to go to jakarta. although I also come from Indonesia ... :(
shery syafria's picture

I would love to come to watch you guys, but unfortunately I don't have enough money: (
bond_spectrum's picture

welcome to indonesia
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"we´re so excited to see you , in indonesia"... jajajajaj...XD
paraleehom13's picture

jermery is fun!!
kadek_weda's picture

yaiaaaa....i have the tickettt.....will see u here........although missed Josh farro :(
Chloeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's picture

luv jeremy!
Mini Pant's picture

funny jeremy!
Mini Pant's picture

dey r looking cool
MatthewKzero's picture

You guys will never regret to play in indonesiaaa !!
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indra einstein's picture

yes awaited his arrival in Indonesia .. our fans in Indonesia ready to shake your concert .. WE LOVE PARAMORE
indrisyawal's picture

we cant wait any longer.. come on guys!! come hurry August!!
QIECHING's picture

hahaha so funny
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The way Jeremy says; "We're playing in Indonesia" And I love the way Taylor says "Jakartaaaa"
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Jekardaaaah..... and Balii...
OzhyLedger's picture

waw 17 Bali and 19 Jakarta
dhanatulang's picture

i cant wait to watch!!
rekty anjany's picture

Hmm Ok
Elona's picture

PARAMOOOOOORE!!! see you in Aug19th! KEEP RAWKK!!