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Love my new tattoo!

Love my new tattoo!
Posted by Hayley
January 27, 2012
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on January 27, 2012 - 11:58am
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Represents me and my 2 sisters. Each unique and yet still growing together.



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Pretty bold, I remember this x)
wirklichdoof's picture

My 2 favorite things put together-Hayley Williams and tattoos. you rock, girl!
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shes cool love you hayles
afagaoi's picture

haha she is still so cute.
parasixerhustler's picture

aw hayles <3
prostochuck's picture

Ну, зачем?! Она же и так прекрасна без тату! :(
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That's hurt!
Alexia96's picture

hayley eres hermosa <3
Delano's picture

so cute hayley ♥
N&#039;drewDinfelaFeilhaber's picture

YulianaCardenas's picture

It was worth hayley
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Heyy i made a video of my favourite paramore song LAST HOPE, check it out if you can!! :)
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HAHAHAHAHA she said it hurts but she's laughing xD
JoanaMouriceRevillaGahuman's picture

It's Seems like she does'nt feel any pain.. hahaha That's My Girl..\m/
Krizia Smith's picture

She's so cute she's so tough hihi
CaarlosArbooleda's picture

<p>Waooooooo!! *.*</p>
NinaHayleyVergara's picture

Waaaah. Hayley Cutie!:"">

so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
NorheaJayIcalina's picture

yeah no pain feeling :D nice ha !!
Blllizzard's picture

no pain, no gain!
Jane Maquiling's picture

Wow!ur so cool!
paROCKmore's picture

I want a tatoo. :) \m/
Carissa Ann King's picture

woooooooooowww ^_^
Andrés Marhín Guevara's picture

She is perfect! :D :D
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<blockquote><p><em><strong>April 9th needs to get here!!</strong></em></p></blockquote>
MecheHugo's picture

i did a Paramore tattoo a few weeks ago on my arm, it says "Bury The Castle" :)
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