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In The Mourning

In The Mourning
Posted by ParaWebCrew
January 13, 2011
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on January 13, 2011 - 2:42pm
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In The Mourning



PauloIdanan's picture

i was just about to sing the "and it takes all my strength" part when it ended. lol
nicolepavez66's picture

that laugh at the end ily x
belle williams's picture

i love this song :)
Tessel's picture

love your laugh hayley!
Tessel's picture

taylor you rock dude!!
crlosav's picture

Loved It!
Daydreaming3392's picture

(: Love this song
naectro's picture

Jeremy does not know where his house is? That is quite sad.
dayanntiamsss's picture

both of them are just so amazing!! i love this song!
Louella_2's picture

Taylor You are so AMAZING!!!
Stay With Me. 3's picture

I still remember when I first saw this, I fell in love with the song immediately! and oh my god! THEY'RE SO CUUUUTE!! :'D
paralove's picture

[a] que emoção música linda chorando [a]
NatureandDreams's picture

Shes so amazinggg :D's picture

This is supposed to be my song of the week its my freaking SONG OF THE YEAR ILOVE DHIS
Cristiana_Fernandes's picture

I love the final part! is amazing! And, Hayley, you're beautiful! OMG! I love you!
jessicabird's picture

She plays leftie?!?!?!
Sandra Rocha's picture

Hahahhaha omg the final part! xD
vero_6's picture

Nico fernandez's picture

It's so beautiful! mfg!! :D
Tyjamesadams's picture

Where can i get the actual song??? i didn't get the email
paranerdBP's picture

this song is becoming one of my favorites!! its soo pretty, and shows how unique/ country Hayley's voice can be
annie208's picture

I love it!! The song is really beautiful!!
Kiki_3's picture

hahahhaha this is so funny!!
ejmtv's picture

ruthiemat's picture

I love this! i hope it sounds like this when it comes out and not too different.
threebars's picture

I absolutely ADORE this very first version of the song, the giutar sounds so wonderful.. I hope it's recorded this way!
parafreak3's picture

you can see the emotion on hayleys face when shes singing... its amazing
BlackRose939♪'s picture

i love it... i love it so much... oh my god...
imachildofparamore's picture

love this!
nardsmonster's picture

Can't wait until they release another album! Amazing songs so far :) Who looks in at 00:53?