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Now - on iTunes January 22nd

Now - on iTunes January 22nd
Posted by Paramore
January 05, 2013
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on January 5, 2013 - 4:47pm
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yayparawhore's picture

love itttt
Krizia Smith's picture

that video gave me goosebombs!!!
official jeje's picture

sure i feel the same way
LJOfemiaBalsacao's picture

love it super
Jane Maquiling's picture

love the mix!!!
falloutparawhore's picture

andrea.lml's picture

paramore en chile please c:
kathepparamore's picture

Esta muy buena NOW
sinceremusicwizard's picture

love them all
cixsick's picture

scarlettchastain's picture

it's the background music of the bridge
HelenGraceDelosReyes's picture

wow! as in WOW !!!
ana_29's picture

tomorrow it releases cant wait OMG!!! i just cant............fangirling rn ;-; going to cry
MagdalenaLagosBaeza's picture

Beautiful :') <3 <3
Khairul_Parawhore's picture

DAMN!! I LOVE PARAMORE... i'm check on itunes now...
SandRiuxzParedezxWilliams's picture

Awww paramore :33♥!!
lolaluvsmusic's picture

love it <3 :D 1 MORE DAY!!!!!!!
KarlaLeufuman's picture

oh great! I Love You <3
whatsupppunk's picture

hellya's picture

hellya's picture

i want it now.... :))
triPARAMOREstan's picture

Thank you guys for helping me through some tough crap. I LOVE YOU!!
triPARAMOREstan's picture

<p>OH MY GOOOOSH!!! IF THERE IS A FUTURE WE WANT IT NOW!! This sounds sooooo amazing!! Great work you guys.JAN 22 HURRY UP!!! Gonna get like the second it comes out. And when 'paramore' comes out on April 9th, I'm gonna grab it immediately too. AAAAGHH!!! Can't waaaaiiit!!!!!!</p>
Gingrbabe's picture

wow!!! That sounds AMAZING!!! You guys have been busy!!!!!!
Sehlace's picture

So excited can not wait . . . but I must!!!!
paramusicrocks's picture

is it January 22nd yet?!?! Lol (:
selemorito's picture

ya quiero que llegue ese dia .... QUE EMOCION!! :D .. muero por tener el nuevo album
MarcoCorrêa's picture

i want "NOW" nooooooow...!!!!!!!1
NicolasLinares's picture

didinefan's picture

encore 9 jours à tenir, c'est trop dure d'attendre!!!