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The Self-Titled Tour Commercial

The Self-Titled Tour Commercial
Posted by Paramore
July 26, 2013
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on July 26, 2013 - 10:29am
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Philippines please :(
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Missed yall when you came to Norfolk in 2009 when Brand New Eyes was out. So you can imagine how excited i was when found out my favorite band is coming to VA!!!
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I am sooooooooooo freakin ready to see you guys in Dallas in October! I am going to have the sign that says "You saved my life!" Look for me! (:
itsapuppy123's picture

NO!!! why isnt arizona on the list?
-ElmosWorld.'s picture

Ugh, the closest concert near me is in Fairfax and I doubt I'll even get to go.
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chicagooooo woooo already got my ticket! so stoked xD
paramoresavedmylife .'s picture

hayley looks way different and her voice is like in airplanes
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Well, that was a strange start, and mix. And the dates go by way too fast. But, excited for the NY show! :D