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Sports with Paramore

Sports with Paramore
Posted by ParaWebCrew
August 24, 2010
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on August 24, 2010 - 1:03pm
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Sports with Paramore



caitlino12's picture

deathmetal dodgeball :) Should try that one ;)
jessyneuenhofen's picture

i can see kat
jessyneuenhofen's picture

the guy with the tattoos is ethan luck from relient k
nardsmonster's picture

Haha Hayley... spontaneous :P
ROCKMAN's picture

arnia_ate_fred's picture

deathmetal dodgeball hahhaha :DDD
arnia_ate_fred's picture

they look like so much fun and great people :]
paramoreRocks 33's picture

the guy with the tatoo legs is weird
juanpiiz's picture

Soccer ¡...
Parawhores_1212's picture

themisguidedgal15's picture

i'm loving this video
drowningfairy3's picture

really liking that songg....
nzparamorelover's picture

where is this ?
sang they's picture

i love youuuuuuuuuu hurley,,,
nvmelden's picture

wow, I miss you guys
Saray Williams's picture

miss you Josh :(
louie12rivera's picture

wild.... \m/
lm just sayin's picture

wow i now have the urge to play death metal dodge ball sound EPIC!!!!!
parafan1313's picture

they seem like normal everyday people
Leandro's picture

if they tried it here in Brazil this time it would be about 10 thousand people around them..i'd grant them a place in the team if they played for Flamengo
coolkid877's picture

they look so fun to hangout with
crazy_nirvana_lover's picture

wish i was with them to muck around...
ParamoreIsMyFutureNOW's picture

i LOVE ths song playing in the back round!!!!!!
obsessedwithparamore's picture

hahaha they're rebels, playing in the street like that. jk lol!
minnowi's picture

i love hayley's hair in this video...and she's so cute when she whistle..ahaha..she's always with the guys, somehow i can relate with her...
countrygal123's picture

Personally I hate sports but I would play with them if they asked me to :)
rebecca876's picture

this is such a nice video.. wish I could join them ;)
livylou13's picture

way more energetic than me
brick_by_boring_becka's picture

that is skill lol, i wnat hayleys hair!!!!
samantha montgomery's picture