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Still Into You

Still Into You
Posted by Paramore
April 09, 2013
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on April 9, 2013 - 12:09am


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This my favourite song from Paramore! The video and the song is amazing.
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sexy hair u got in video's picture

This is the second Dweebs shirt I have seen Hayley wear. #trendstatus
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very colorful *-*
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Los amo.
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I don't care how crazy I may look anymore, this song makes me sing and dance along every time. I really feel the love. Thanks Paramore (:
Irsyad Maulana's picture

Amazing Paramore
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paramore son lo mejor!
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OMG Taylor is so cute here. I love this song and this video is so cool
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I could say that this video was made ​​for me! It is not possible, this is my animation clip, haha.
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I love this song and the video is amazing, my new fav!
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i like the outfit of HAYLEY :))
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i like this new song :D i love it so much :))
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New way of paramore ....
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so addicted.... when i heard it for the first time i was dancing!
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Funny, colorful and I could't stop moving my legs and feet while I watched this. I ADORE YOU.
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Everyone please click this link! its so i can meet paramore at the concert in camden nj! it takes one second literally! just click and done. Please and thank youuuuu!
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such a catchy song, i love it. Keep playing it over and over loud :D
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AWESOME!!!!! Jeremy and Taylor are pro's in using BMX!!!!
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And after all this time (9 years) I'm still into you, Paramore♥
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love it the video, it was soo awesome yeaaah. loveitloveitloveit :))
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I like it...
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My favorite music video by far. I loved it so much. Her facial expressions were so cute and the ballet and just everything just perfect wieghjskg. <3
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loved this song!
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basically perfect. I love her outfit.
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Ahhh!! I'm fan girling right now! I love it!!!! And I love the colors of your hair as always! :DD