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Still Into You (LYRIC VIDEO)

Still Into You (LYRIC VIDEO)
Posted by Paramore
March 14, 2013
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on March 14, 2013 - 10:44am
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LMAO i love the hands!!!
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I super love this.. :))
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love love love love!!!!!! Paramore will always have my heart and soul<33
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This song is awesome, no surprise because all Paramore songs are (:
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I love this song
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omg, I love this song !!! It's amazing and beautiful *-* and I'm into it ^^
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Paramore. . .I'm still into ya!!! ^-^
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Nice job guys! I was a little nervous about this new cd but from what I've heard so far I really like it. Keep it up Paramore, still my favorite band!!! See you in Charlotte!
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I think this is about Hayley and Josh... ohh I miss Joshayley
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I love this video it is so funny, and the song is great! Paramore is my favorite band! I know a lot of people think this song doesn't sound like paramore but it's like a new beginning for them, love you Haley, Josh, and Taylor keep up your awesome work! Forever and always, Audry
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this song for me is a crap, cos its not even sound like Paramore
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oh yes i love this song :) now REALLY cant wait til album
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I love the song calms me amazing song
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Does anyone else think this is about Josh...?? :o
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lol, no! we can think its about Chad
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perfect!!!! *-*
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Great song :-D
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love it! paramore forever <3
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i don't really like it. does'nt sounds like paramore
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this is one of the bests!!!!
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causa after all this time, i'm still into paramore
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I Love It.
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incredible charm me
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i love dis song bad ps. i am a fan from barbados
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This song is really AMAZING!!!!!!!! :):):)