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That's What You Get

That's What You Get
Posted by Paramore
July 21, 2009
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on July 21, 2009 - 3:45am
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From the album, RIOT! - available now on Fueled By Ramen.



whitneyy_heart's picture

this is like, my life in 4 min.
Paulita's picture

Just love it!!
Maddiemusic19's picture

<p>I love them so much HAley Williams is so pretty i think she looks best in pinkbut mostly red hair! ;)</p>
iloveunique24's picture

My friend showed me this video and i loved paramore ever since i love this song so much i never get tired of listening to it!
Yusril's picture

Hayley Williams is very pretty in this video
Rykros2005's picture

I love the atmosphere of the video. It like goes with the song perfectly. I just never seem to tire of watching this video from time to time. =)
sachiko8888's picture

i like hayley's hair! :D and i love the song
Lady_Paramore's picture

its like i have to listen to paramore every day or ill die
AmberBaby_2's picture

This was the very first video i ever watched by you guys, and its still just as amazing...
Yılmaz Kolpar's picture

mark anthony apostol's picture

First song I heard by Paramore on my friend . I loved it. Ever since I have loved Paramore. Love this song.(:
samuel_7's picture

hayley is beautiful in any video!!!
Punky Chick's picture

Hayley is so beautiful in this video
ayudda's picture

that's what you get, when you let your heart win wohooooo
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Snyder_B-ball12's picture

One of my favorites(:
parafreak3's picture

first paramore song i heard, this song changed my life
cablehunter6's picture

One of my favorites, It's the song my friend used to introduce me to this band! :)
mick mac's picture

awesome song! love it!
Miihiia's picture

I could listen to this song for years :D
Jose Hiro Ceballos's picture

love this song...
JakeFourteen's picture

I really love this song,,,,, i want to play it in drums.... zac is one of my favorite drummer...... i want his cymbals and sticks
jarrett lover's picture

i luv this song so much
jarrett lover's picture

this is my third time listening 2 this song
jarrett lover's picture

how can haley pull off that red hair, she does so good doing it
jarrett lover's picture

this is like my favorite song evah
jarrett lover's picture

i sooo love this song
ParamoreLuver13's picture

stupid auto correct i ment Hayley
ParamoreLuver13's picture

harley looks soooo pretty
godwinkent888's picture

one of the songs i never get tired of :)